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Gerrit Schuttevaar
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Born in south of the Netherlands in 1947 I began painting and studying art at an early age. Upon moving to Amsterdam I studied at the Art Academy "AKI" in Enschede where i specialized in sculpture and fine painting. I have lived and worked extensively as an artist for many years in southern europe and currently i resides in Amsterdam. My chosed medium is oil on canvas and wood. I paint realistic still lives in closed spaces with a personal touch of surrealism and symbolism. The vivid space i create employs a synergic approach, combining complementary elements not normally found together outside canvases. There is a feeling that could come from the middelage or elsewhere from antiquity. In addition my complementary colours give the unusual vibrant clarity of dutch 17th century painting personal works. Through a free exploration of mind and colors i try to create unique works with subtle power and emotion. My personal vision combines life and death in a magic reality where even the lifeless emanates its own warmth.