Hans Picard
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Utrechtsedwarsstraat 28 - F
1017 WG  Amsterdam

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The artist hans Picard occupies a singular position in modern art

His bas-reliefs, also referred to as "three-dimensional paintings" are fashioned from plywood in combination with other materials such as brass, ceramics and plastic. They are painted with acrylic and a coat of eggshell varnish.

The bas-reliefs have roots in tradional totems and relics, but are at the same time avant-garde creations, discernibly influenced by surrealism and pop-art. They have deliberate associative traces of folk art and l'art brut, conjuring up an apparent "simplicity".

Picard artworks give expression to a synthesis within modern art.


Hans Picard also works independently as restorer in Amsterdam (member Veres), specialising in objets d'art and modern sculpture.

He also cleans and restores damaged paintings, drawings and photographs, working in collaboration with fellow restorers (paper, photography, paintings)

Picard is staff restorer at art lending centres SBK (Fine Arts Foundation) in Amsterdam and the UBKU in Utrecht.  Among artists whose works he has restored are: Jan Snoeck, Maggi Giles, Nicolaas Dings, Rob Scholte, Herman Makkink, Veron Urdaniani, Picasso, Emile van der Kruk.

Picard has in addtion restored artworks for the BKR collectiom and various private clients.

Restoration work also carried out on site

Hans Picard works in his own studio but also on site at art lending centres.


Paulo Martina, art consultant at the UBKU, telephone: 31(0)30 2869893

Lars Boering, branche head of SBK, Osdorp, telephone: 31(0)20 6195782


The Hibernation on Nova Zembla - 2, mixed media, 2005, 92x86x10 cm, 3.500,=