Jan Teunissen classic realistic artpainter
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Born in 1949 at Veldhoven down South of Holland very near to Eindhoven and in the province of North Brabant. 
At 1983, than 34 years of age, started my painting education/career. I call my painting stile ”classic realistic with a romantic radiation”. 

My paintings are the results of practice, traditional, classic, handicraft indicating my creations. I hope that the scenes in my work create the same enjoyment/feeling/experience as exist with me. Perfection in object/project choice, colour and conduct the trade are therefore indispensable. My motivation is not totally the painting itself but to improve the skill. When a painting is completed it could give an objective scene and can be seen as a picture or art. I have great respect for the ”Dutch and the Belgium (Flemish) Masters” from the early centuries. I do follow some present ”classic realists” with great respect. The genre in which I paint is a mixture and change by gusts: still lives, flower scenes, portraits, landscapes and animals.

My paintings are exhibited in many
exhibitions exhibitions throughout the country.


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