Harry Agema
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Meester Quantplein 43
1862 GA  Bergen N.H.


' All we experience in the so called o u t s i t e or o b j e c t i v e world, creates an emotional rhythmic response within us" (Harry Agema) SUGGESTIVE MUSIC: The basis of music is rhythm. Our bodies overflow with all sort of rhythms.It moves out from the beating of our haert, creating the pulsation of our a r t eries and our breath. The blinking of the eyes, swollowing, bodymovements, etc., all follow a rhythmical pattern. Colour and sound are also inextricably bound to these rhythms. The various rhythmical activities within us create a certain composition: feeling - movement - rhythm and form, all relate in some manner to music. In the suggestive music I translate these moments into an artistic composition;I s u g g e s t a moment of emotional experience.