Hub Pollen
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Past. Vranckenlaan 62
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Hub Pollen was born in Offenbeek(Beesel), a mile from the German border. He grew up in  rural surroundings although in this village large factories for glazed stoneware(pipes) were built at the turn of the 19th century. As a young boy he liked drawing but it was only at a mature age that he developed his painting skills.

A constant source of inspiration are the ‘Old Masters’ of the 17th century and realist painters

of today. His body of work comprises mainly still lives, landscapes and portraits. In his still lives he prefers compositions of objects which show signs of daily wear end tear. He can give a striking image of these old objects.

Hub is a self-taught man. His knowledge he derives from en extensive library  on art.


STill life with bust

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