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On the website you will find some photoworks exhibited in the USA dating from the period just before Photoshop started to have its unmistakable influence on photography and photographical art. Nonetheless, being completely conceptualized and created within the traditional analogical photograhical means of expression, these works cast their intriguing shadow forward into the new era to come. In that sense they represent an important historical value, besides of course their appeal of being very capturing, endearing, shocking, unnerving, and at the same time deeply loving in their views of the people being portrait. Images are original vintage prints on high Quality Kodak Premium Color Paper. Samples of more recent work, at times completely digitally created, at other times a combination of analogue and digital techniques, will be shown soon on this site. One sample from a series of portraits you can already view here. Digital or analogue photos or video-stills from the artist's archive are often the basis of these new images, recognizably figurative or more or less abstract. The artist freely borrows expressions and styles from other disciplines like painting and aquarel. Prints are produced on the highest quality paper(s) with the most lasting pigments. In case you want to contact the artist earlier, just reach me at: Phone: 00-31-20-421 1854. E-mail: (e-mail works best)