Johanna Haagsman
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In my work I investigate the process of filtering that is done by our unconscious, of the overload of information that we consume daily.

The industrialisation, since the 18/19th century, is in comparison with the existence of mankind a relative young phenomena. And also because technological developments succeed very fast, it is quite logic that our brains are not adapted yet to this changing conditions. The last couple of years I've been investigating if, when and which images get stuck in the unconscious. All external influences somehow find their way out of our systems (through our unconscious) to the surface, and are often very recognisable. The personal turns out universal (and vice versa). For that reason, at that time I had to fill in the drawings almost completely.

But as I am an artist, and not a scientist, I don't need more proof to know that all information is returning into my work, so I can now investigate how it is filtered and transformed by the unconscious. In this my own handwriting is more defining, because with this I can record the filtering and deformation most purely.

Result of this is also that form gets more important. My fascination for skies/clouds can be found in the search of known figures in all sorts of forms. And so it all comes together in my recent work. Since several years I photograph skies and clouds (see 'photography/skylog' on my website), this influences my drawings very much.

I'm also initiator of (web relay art project 2008), that started the 1st of July 2008 and will end at 30th of June 2009 (artists can still apply).


No point / Oil and newspaper on canvas / 2007