Hans Overvliet
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Lange Noordstraat 67
4331 CC  Middelburg


Hans Overvliet constructs paper collages out of existing material, taken from the mass media. He cuts his chosen images into small strips and subsequently glues them back into geometrical perfect patrons into new combinations. Rolf Bosboom in the Provincial Zeeuwse Courant - November 4 2005 in an article about this oeuvre: 'The paper collages force the spectator to look intensively. The collections of cut and reconstructed images result in an new image of very high density. Sometimes you experience recognition - a date taken from a newspaper, a plan and / or information material of exhibitions and museums visited by the artist - but the images themselves are cut up in such a way that any ‘explanation’ is always at great distance. (…)

Overvliet with an utmost precision fragmentizes reality. Looking from a distance, the rhythm of the lines and coulours predominate. This rhythm constantly changes in relation to the position of the spectator. The more the viewer distances him or herself from the image, the more form goes over content. The careful way the oeuvre is [re]constructed is a sign of his great devotion.’


cross #2 [ 2007 ] Hans Overvliet

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