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"As  man is, so he sees..." (William Blake)

Anke Vogel's greatest source of inspiration is nature, which can be found in the landscape where she built her own colourful house, a wild peat and waterlandscape..

Painting and etching usually take place outside, where not only the surroundings are taken in visually but also the sounds and silence of nature, the feeling of the wind, sun or raindrops; they all play an important role in the creative process. Stormy weather, the cold greyness of the water, the darkness at night and the crying of the owls, the blooming and dying of all green, the rhythm of the water in the lake, all this enters the soul directly.

In another way one can regard this landcape as a reflection of the human soul. The great fear and

fascination which emerges in a human being when he is confronted with extreme natural forces, such as thunderstorms or the eruption of a volcano, over which a he has no control, are in a way similar to the fear he has for the darker side of his soul.

Anke's work deals with the human search for a balance between the two forces in nature, chaos

and order. From her studies she found much inspiration in the works of the English poet, painter and prophet William Blake (Paradise Lost). Especially the figure of Newton, the rational scientist, immersed in the waters of materialism, absorbed in mathematical calculations, as opposed to the figure of Nebuchadnezzar, wild, animallike, the fantasy of man, moved her greatly and are at the basis of her present paintings.