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Quintus Jan Telting       The Master of Contemporary Art

His life, his work and the way he understand our world with his Art...  icontop

People found him a humanitarian but with a great sense of realism and a structured way of thinking and analyzing. His art had an outspoken social message in the 60 -70´s. Being from a 3rd world country and a person of colour, he saw the world from this perspective and the issue of poverty and oppression never left him. Later on, his art was often more moderate in tone, yet again at other times it continued to have the same urgency and dynamism as in his earlier years but in a more abstract way with, as he would say, touchstones to reality. Also in the later years he often spoke about the peace of mind a work of art unconsciously and consciously gives you for those seconds or minutes  that it caught your attention daily.  His paintings would have what he described as 'sucking points’, literally points that would draw you in and capture your fancy.  Come into our gallery of his great ART WORKS and you will see for yourself. Already many of his paintings are part of collections around the world, bringing their owners renewed pleasure daily. You will find your favourite painting in our Auctions & Sales here.       nach oben>>>>>

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