Rob van der Nol
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Emmastraat 17
2595 EG  Den Haag


group exhibition

Perception of Reality

arti et amicitiae
rokin 112, 1012 lb, amsterdam

opening: 7 dec 2007

8 dec 2007 - 6 jan 2008
tue - sun: 13:00 to 18:00

• rob van der nol •
•  aram tanis • jacolijn verhoef •
•  mieke woestenburg •
•  tobias zielony •
Perception of Reality is an exhibition that is about people who do not (or cannot) follow the path of society. The works exhibited show people who fall outside of accepted societal norms. Continuously repeating imagery eventually influences/determines what we desire. One must fulfil certain ideas to be accepted, and must follow a lifestyle that is standardised.

The artists in Perception of Reality show the other side. It is not to be shocking, but simply because this side deserves to be seen. This exhibition mixes composed and documentary work, through which the hermetic world of the individuals are placed in societal context.