Marian van Essen
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The leading thread in my work is transpareny. Nature is a vital source of inspiration for me, especially in a spiritual sense. In its different appearences it evokes in me a feeling of quiet bewilderment. In my work I want to express a similar experience in a non-figurative interplay of colour, light and space.


For my paintings and mural objects I deliberately make use of a strongly reduced, non-figurative image.


In my vision a memorial is a monument for life which evokes reflection. Whenever possible the design for the memorial is being made in consultation with whomever it is meant for. Very different materials can be used because the performance will be done by a craftsman. Realizing a memorial is a very special experience for me. I am grateful to be able to be meaningful for people in this way.


In renovating (parts of) houses I aim at a maximum of transparency within a functional design. Detailed terms of reference are formulated in close consultation with the client. The design is carefully attuned to clients wishes.

More images of my work can you see at my website