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Brigitta Bauhuis

Brigitta Bauhuis

Curriculum vitae





Brigitta Bauhuis

Nature is the starting point in the paintings of Bauhuis. Her work has changed in the past years, a development from large to small, from a panoramic to a minuscule view. Where she first painted landscape and all kind of forms of the landscape, she is now focused on the microscopic world, a landscape of cells and micro-organism.

Painting is for Bauhuis playing with material, reacting intuitively. This process always has a slow course, by which the method of working prescribes the final result. She uses different materials such as , oil paint, lacquer, wax, ink, acrylic, wax crayon etc. Each painting consists of many layers, these layers are characteristic of her work. Forms, colour and motifs are being repaint and disappear sometimes completely. Its all about transitoriness, memories and time. About what was and is no more, close and far away.


Present and past
organic forms symbolise transitoriness
what was and is no more
are they memories are they
dreams dreams to remember