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Erik Wuthrich

Erik Wuthrich


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Erik Wuthrich
Starting-point for the garden- or outdoor sculptures by Erik Wuthrich is to accomplish a perfect synergy with the surroundings. For work in commission the specific location contributes to the final result. His sculptures are often designed to be functional as well; one could sit on it, but that is not always the case. The art works are a strong combination of the softness of animal skin patterns and the toughness of the frost resistant ceramics. Wuthrich manages to give the shapes a friendly and soft appearance by manipulating physical processes such as expansion and solidification. On the one hand this combination evokes alienation, on the other hand it has an effect of affective recognition. It's like a crossing of a leopard and a mushroom, flora and fauna in one, as if a contemporary Linnaeus has discovered a new species during one of his research trips.