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Ever since he was born, Hans Willemse has been interested in all things beautiful, decorative objects, and all that pleases the eye. After training as a floral artist, he was asked to create flower and plant installations in several locations. However, these installations could not stand the ravages of time, as the flowers wilted and the plants decayed. This was one of the reasons that since a few years, Hans Willemse has tried to come up with a way to create organic objects that last for a considerable amount of time. Using apparently ordinary materials retrieved from nature, he manages to create special and decorative sculptures. His use of the abundance of shapes and colours perfectly reflects the inherent beauty of nature. In addition, by emphasizing the unexpected and characteristic shapes of the material, Willemse manages to create alienating effects that cause surpise, sometimes disbelief, but always enjoyment. The possibilities nature's diversity and differentiation offer seem to be endless. In other words, the sculptures offer a fairy tale world for romantics, and a bizar and unexpected galaxy for those who like to engage in an experiment. Several interior decorators have already made use of Hans Willemse's artistry, and organic sculptures can now be found in big office buildings as well as privately-owned stately homes. Pictures of a great many of the objects can be found on this website. For detailed information, please contact the artist on one of the telephone numbers or via the e-mail address.